Send or Receive Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Payments

Get a non-custodial Dogecoin wallet and start accepting and sending Dogecoin payments globally, easily, and securely. Become your own bank and grow your business worldwide with the Prodoge crypto wallet and global marketplace platform serving 200+ countries.

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Accept and Send Dogecoin Payments to Anyone, Anywhere

Accept Dogecoin Payments

Accept Dogecoin Payments

Widen your reach of potential customers and increase sales and productivity by accepting Dogecoin crypto payments. Get paid instantly so you can spend more time growing your business and less time dealing with payment logistics.

Send Dogecoin Payments

Send Dogecoin Payments

Send money and pay for products with Dogecoin. Unlike other B2B Global Marketplaces, there are no merchant fees and cryptocurrency transactions are free. Sending Dogecoin payments throught Prodoge is fast and easy.

Get Paid in Dogecoin the Way You Want

Invoices and Point of Sale

Invoices and Point of Sale

Effortlessly send unlimited Invoices, or use the point of sale and get paid in Dogecoin instantly, by your clients.

Dogecoin Wallets

Dogecoin Wallets

Gain complete control over your Dogecoin with our non-custodial wallet where you control the private keys.

Send and Receive Dogecoin

Send and Receive Dogecoin

Send Dogecoin to anyone on Prodoge, to any wallet address, or pay with Dogecoin at any merchant accepting payments via QR Code.

The Prodoge Global Marketplace Difference

Prodoge gives you ball the tools you need to send and accept Dogecoin payments.
Whether you're purchasing products or selling goods, we make it fast, easy, and secure to do business with Dogecoin around the world.

No Hidden Fees

  • Unlike other apps & marketplaces, there are no merchant fees or transaction fees.
  • Growing your business worldwide has never been easier.

Be Your Own Dogecoin Bank

  • Become your own bank and control your own funds with non-custodial Dogecoin wallets.

Robust Profiles

  • Set up your profile in seconds so you can focus on what matters: expanding your business.
  • Sell your goods and services worldwide to millions of potential customers and get paid in Dogecoin.

Get Paid Online, Send Dogecoin with Pay Links

  • Start accepting Dogecoin cryptocurrency online in minutes with Pay Links, such as

Simplify Transactions with Our Client Chat

  • Take your business directly to your customers from anywhere with the Prodoge Client Chat feature.
  • Talk online to answer questions from potential buyers, reducing the time it takes to produce sales and complete transactions.

Sell and Buy Goods with Our Search Functionality

  • Find specific customers, products, or business owners with the Prodoge Search feature.
  • Spend less time looking around on the internet by using a more targeted search system through the Prodoge Global Marketplace, helping you get paid and make purchases faster.
Keep Your Data Secure

Keep Your Data Secure

  • Our Global Marketplace follows industry requirements to keep your account data safe and secure.
  • Manage your own private keys and store them on or off your device to maintain complete control of your funds, rather than relying on a third party.

Independence with Non-Custodial Solutions

  • Our non-custodial solutions enable you to maintain privacy and conduct business on your terms.
  • Control your funds and payments and experience near-instant global value transfers when you send or Receive Dogecoin crypto payments.
Independence with Non-Custodial Solutions

Easy-to-Use for Dogecoin Cryptocurrency

Create seamless Dogecoin transactions using our mobile POS system.
Accept and Send Dogecoin payments anywhere, anytime.

Easy-to-Use for Dogecoin Cryptocurrency

Crypto Payments on the Spot

Easily create Point of Sale checkouts and send or receive Dogecoin payments from 200+ countries.

Send and Accept Instant Dogecoin Payments

Allow clients to pay immediately and settle transactions on the same-day products and services are sold.

Transaction History

Get a complete snapshot of your detailed transaction records. Keep tabs on paid and unpaid Dogecoin crypto invoices all in one view. Then export your accounting data with zapier to your favorite accounting programs and 1,000+ apps (including Quickbooks, Xero, Salesforce CRM).

Buy and Sell: Dogecoin Payments with Prodoge

Accepting and Sending Dogecoin Payments on our Global Marketplace is everything you need it to be and more. Seamlessly make purchases, sell products, complete payment transactions, and empower your business, all in a few clicks.


  • Straightforward instructions for sending and receiving Dogecoin crypto payments
  • No hassle
  • No merchant fees or transaction fees
  • No chargeback fees
  • No contacts
  • Send unlimited invoices


  • Receive payments instantly
  • Quickly find people, products, and services that you want to buy from or sell to directly
  • Share Pay Links or Invoices, create or connect Wallets, or get paid Online, all withi minutes
  • Instant global settlement with Dogecoin crypto payments


  • Ciew robust user profiles
  • Get a complete transaction history
  • Maintain complete control of your crypto payments with your own private keys